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Lengfeld is a small village in the center of Germany. It is located in the Thuringian Forrest in the federal state Thuringia. The village is 360m above sealevel. The population of Lengfeld is approximately 530. The area around Lengfeld is forrested hills. A very special hill is the "Feldstein". The stone that this hill is made of is unique in the area around Lengfeld. The Feldstein is about 552m above sealevel. Every year on "Pfingsten" (national holiday), there is a party with music, thuringian beer and the famous Thuringian Sausage, a speciality of our area. The first documentation concerning Lengfeld was in 826.  A present certificate used the name "Lengifeld". The church of Lengfeld was built in the years about 1400. The people in Lengfeld speak the frankonian dialect. Also the archetectural style of the houses is frankonian.


In Lengfeld there is a sports club with two sections, football and table tennis. The teams play in the area leagues. Also a fire brigade club is founded in our village. Every year in the summer time, the clubs have parties.

For your holiday in Lengfeld you have some possibilities:
A hike around Lengfeld in the wonderful countryside is a good opportunity for relaxing. After this you can go into one of the famous restaurants in Lengfeld or each village and town in the surrounding of Lengfeld and enjoy a typical delicious thuringian meal. Each guest has to try the Thuringian Sausage and also the lunch "Hütes, Brüh und Brocke", a delicious meal, made by potatoes, pork or beef and vegetables. And of course, please don't forget to drink a original thuringian beer!
The surroundings of Lengfeld have some interessting castles, like the "Bertholdsburg" in Schleusingen or the "Veste Heldburg" in Heldburg. Also some museums invite you to visit their exhibitions, i.e. the car and motobike museum or the weappons museum in Suhl. The city Oberhof 30 km away is world famous for wintersports.

We will give you a warm welcome in our village and we are looking forward to see you as our guests. Also our clubs are looking forward to have a competition with your club and a friendly cooperation together. To see some views of Lengfeld, please click the button "Galerie"!
For a contact, please don't hesitate to send a e-mail to service@lengfeld.net in german or english language.

See you in Lengfeld!